Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Little Reader

How do you instill a love of books and reading in children?

I thinks it starts from when they are the tiniest of little babies. I started reading to my daughter, Allie, when she was just a few weeks old and haven't stopped. She is a year-and-a-half now and she loves books. She's gone through different phases along the way. Sometimes she would really let me read to her, and other times she wanted to turn the pages so fast that I could hardly get past two or three words per page, but I always tried to follow her pace and let her be involved. I think that really helped. I never want reading to be a frustrating experience for her.

Here's Allie reading in her rocking chair. The bookcase is close enough that she can grab books and keep reading (or at least turning pages) for a long time. They all end up on the floor before it's over, but Allie has a great time.

Amazingly, Allie spends more time looking at books than she spends playing with any other toys. She even likes to carry a book around with her when she's playing outside.

I read to Allie, and I take her to story time at the library nearly every week. After story time, she chooses several new books to check out and take home.

I really hope she continues to love books as she get older and starts actually reading on her own.

What have you found helps to instill and encourage a love of reading as children get older?


  1. Melanie, you are following in your mother's footsteps. I used to read to you and took you to the library regularly for storytime and to check out books. You learned to love reading at an early age as well. When you were in first grade you were the only one in your class to be able to attend a pizza party because you had met the school challenge and read 30 books in one year. Now you write books and they are wonderful. I hope others will take the opportunity to check out some of what you have written on your blogs. I love what you are doing with Allie. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks. Let's keep up the tradition, right?

  2. Hey Melanie:
    Have you ever heard of the friends of the pima public library sales? There is a book sale nearly every month at a warehouse on Country Club and Grant. The members get first crack but that doesnt even dent the supply of library books that all the pima county libraries have gotten rid of. So the sale is ALL library books and on Mondays it is bag day. a grocery type fabric bag stuffed as full as u can get it for $7. They sell the bags there for $1 and then u can just bring it back each time.

    1. Nora, thanks for sharing. I went to the bag sale several years ago, but then I forgot when they were and couldn't find Information. I even still have that bag I bought. Is the sale every Monday?


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