Monday, February 25, 2013

Editing, Writing, and Reminiscing

Life is exciting for me right now for quite a few reasons:

First off, I'm in the process of final edits on a new book that I will be adding a sample of to my website soon. The book is called IN AN INSTANT. It deals with the poignant question we all face when something changes in our life: What would life have been if this hadn't happened? The book follows the two divergent paths of Liz - one where she is diagnosed with leukemia, and (in alternating chapters) what would have happened if she didn't have cancer. Are the difficulties in life really the tragedies?

I'll be sharing the first few chapters soon, but if you'd like to be a test reader of the entire book, please email me.

The second exciting thing I'm working on is a new book I'm writing called TEMPO. I'm on chapter 19 of what my outline tells me will be around 65 chapters. I'm not ready to give too many details about this book, except to say that it deals with the questions: What if you could live more than 24 hours in a day? How would it change your life and the world we know? And what cost could you accept?  More details on this book will be forthcoming.

Third, and unrelated to my writing, but extremely exciting, I spent the last weekend with my brother, Ean, who just returned home from two years in Guatemala. He has been serving and teaching the people there, and I am so proud of him. I had a great visit with him. He is an inspiration to me to work harder and always give my all and very best.

Life is great. Time to get back to work!


  1. I already served as a test reader for IN AN INSTANT. I love that book and think that it should be read by the world. What powerful messages about life, the choices we make, and how we repond to what life hands us. I can't wait to test read your next book. Count me in to always be one of the first to read any book you write. You are a very wise soul in a beautiful body. What a wonderful combination.

    1. Thank you. It's so helpful to have people like you willing to read and give feedback on my work. IN AN INSTANT is in the hands of 13 other testers right now! The feedback is positive and very helpful. It's very exciting!


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