Monday, February 4, 2013

Recalling A Lesson From the Flowers

We had a fun little activity at my house recently. As a family, we started a little garden, planting seeds in bowls that we will later transplant outside when they grow big enough in a few weeks. It was fun showing Allie how to plant the seeds and letting her help. I doubt she really understood what we were doing, but it was still fun playing in the dirt, and we'll show her the plants' progress as they sprout and grow.

Our little activity inspired me to pull out a poem I wrote years ago. It is called "A Lesson From the Flowers". Even though we were planting bell peppers, not flowers, I'm sure you can see the connection.

So now, I'd like to share my little poem with you.

A Lesson From the Flowers

by Melanie James

The wisdom of flowers is so often overlooked. 
Flowers are quiet and still and subtle yet can bring so much joy.  
They don’t get discouraged if people don’t stop to take notice.  
They just stay there and wait until someone comes along
 who needs the joy and peace that they have to offer.

Flowers are so pure.  

They don’t change themselves to impress others or pretend 
that they are a different color or kind of flower than they are.  
Holding their petals high, they take pride in what they are and what they bring to the world.  
In so doing, they bring beauty, happiness, and peace to a green meadow or a wild or lonely heart.
Flowers are friendly. 
They don’t pick and choose which flowers they will grow next to.  
A rose is perfectly content to grow next to a poppy or a dandelion. 
One flower never views itself to be better than another.  
They all are different, but they recognize that in reality they are all so very much alike.

What would the world be like if we all paused and took a lesson from the flowers?

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