Thursday, May 23, 2013

Funnier Than Fiction

They say that real life is stranger than fiction, and if you wrote it no one would believe it. I've found that to be true on occasion. In this case, the following tale is a true-life experience of a friend of mine (shared with permission). I bet if this were included in a novel, people would say the author was reaching, going over-the-top, and needed to get a reality-check. No one could be this clueless. Welcome to real life...

For the sake of a good laugh here's a stranger and funnier than fiction story!

(spelling and punctuation reflect actual texting conversation)
I got two calls from a number in Florida I didn't recognize. The second call I answered but heard nothing on the line, so I hung up. The number then texted me, and here follows our conversation. I am not making this up:
Florida Number (FN): Hey sam its savanna I tried calling u but it sounded like ur mom i thout u had ur own phone
Me: Sorry, you must have the wrong number
FN: Ill call u what is the right number give me and ill call u.
Me: Sorry, what I meant was this is not Sam. Nor Sam's mom. I have never heard of him.
FN: what
(I'm thinking, what do you mean what? what is not clear about this?)
Me: You must have written the number wrong, this is my number and I am in no way related to this Sam you are looking for.
FN: Text me ur right number
Me: *face palm

I gave up.

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